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CAIA Level I
Certificate in
          ESG Investing

CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing enables investment professionals and others to learn how to assess environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and incorporate them in investment decisions.

Now is an excellent time to advance your knowledge in the fast-growing field of ESG investing and attain the Certificate in ESG Investing.

Exam Format
The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing exam:

  • Consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • Is to be completed in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

2023 Syllabus and Topic Weights
The Topic names and weights in the current syllabus are provided in the table

Topic Chapter Topic Name Topic Weight Approx. Number
of Questions
1 1&2 Overview of ESG Investing and the ESG Market 8% - 15% 8 - 15
2 3 Environmental Factors 8% - 15% 8 - 15
3 4 Social Factors 8% - 15% 8 - 15
4 5 Governance Factors 8% - 15% 8 - 15
5 6 Engagement and Stewardship 5% - 10% 5 - 10
6 7 ESG Analysis, Valuation, and Integration 20% - 30% 20 - 30
7 8 ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction and
10% - 20% 10 - 20
8 9 Investment Mandates, Portfolio Analytics, and
Client Reporting
5% - 10% 5 - 10
Total 100% 100

Testing Format
There are two options to take your exam: In-Person Site Testing at a testing center or Online Proctored Testing, where you may take the test at home if you meet certain vendor requirements.

Exam Results
Exams are graded as "pass" or "did not pass."

  • If you pass the ESG exam, a "Pass" notification will appear on your monitor at the end of your exam along with performance feedback; otherwise, a "Did Not Pass" notification will appear on your monitor.
  • You will also receive an email notification within 24 hours of completing your exam.

UpperMark Exam Prep
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TestBank Application
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TestBank Access
Your access to TestBank is valid for 6 months after your purchase. Plenty of time to prepare for your Certificate in ESG Investing exam.

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