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Becoming a CAIA Charter Holder

To earn the CAIA designation, an individual must: (1) successfully complete the CAIA program (pass the Level I and Level II exams), and (2) become a member of the CAIA Association.

To qualify for membership in the CAIA Association, an individual must fulfill each of the following:

  1. Pass the Level I and Level II exams;
  2. Hold a U.S. Bachelor's degree or equivalent, and have more than one year of full-time professional experience, or have at least four years of full-time professional experience*;
  3. Submit payment for a one- or two-year CAIA Association membership; and
  4. Agree on an annual or biennial basis to abide by the Member Agreement.

* Professional experience is defined as full-time employment in a professional capacity within the regulatory, banking, financial, or related fields.

The CAIA Association offers an Affiliate Membership for candidates who have passed the Level II exam, but do not meet the other CAIA Membership requirements. For further information about becoming a CAIA charter holder or about the Affiliate Membership, please visit www.caia.org or contact the CAIA Association at info@caia.org.

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