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UpperMark Assurance

We are confident that, when our Suite packages are used appropriately, they are an invaluable tool in preparing candidates to succeed on the CAIA exams. We also recognize that life commitments and market conditions may prevent candidates from taking a scheduled exam. As such, we offer a dispensation on the cost of our materials for clients who need to retake or defer their CAIA exam.

Our dispensation is available to the following retake or deferral clients.

  • Clients who purchase Study Handbooks, Suite, Premium Suite, Platinum Suite, or Review Course at the minimum value of $329, register for one exam period and reschedule the same Level exam for a different exam period.

The Dispensation

For qualifying clients, we offer:

  • a 50% discount off the full retail price of any Suite package (Suite, Premium Suite, or Platinum Suite), or
  • a 25% discount off the full retail price of TestBank.

For instance, a qualifying client who purchased a Level I Premium Suite for one exam may purchase a Level I Premium Suite for a different exam for $299.50, or may purchase a Level I Platinum Suite for 50% off the current list price.

Redeeming the Dispensation

To receive the dispensation certificate, please send the information below to "UpperMark Assurance" via email to info@uppermark.com or fax to 617-314-6568.

  1. Written documentation from the CAIA Association of your enrollment in a prior CAIA exam period, and
  2. Written documentation from the CAIA Association confirming your enrollment for the same Level exam in the current exam period.

Eligible documentation includes a screenshot from your account history on the CAIA website. Once these documents have been received and it has been confirmed that all requirements have been met, a certificate code will be sent to you to apply to your eligible purchase from our website. Certificate codes have expiration dates.

This offer only applies to the full retail value of UpperMark™ products and does not include shipping, international tariffs, duties, and/or customs fees. This offer is only valid for one rescheduled exam and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions.

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