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"The review course was, in my view, the single most important contributor to my passing the exam."



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Listen to what candidates say about UpperMark.

Anna Snider

Anna Snider, CAIA
Bank of America/U.S. Trust

Tony Rossitto

Tony Rossitto, CAIA
Bank of America/U.S. Trust

Customer Success

We are honored to have worked with and continue to work with so many outstanding professionals in our field. We thank our remarkable clients for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback.

  • Simply the best material for CAIA preparation. Practice questions were remarkably similar to the actual Level 1 questions. Excellent Study Guides, TestBank, and Final Review material helped me to pass both the levels on the first attempt. The customer service was prompt and very helpful. I strongly recommend UpperMark to anybody who is studying for either of the Level 1 or 2 CAIA exams. And if one is time constrained, then UpperMark material is indispensable.

    Pramod G., CAIA
    Advanced Marketing & Fuels Specialist

  • I found that the Uppermark study handbooks and Testbank served my purposes brilliantly. The handbooks were comprehensive to the extent that I did not need to read any other reference texts and I found going through the Testbank to be the perfect way of consolidating my newly-acquired knowledge in the final stages of exam preparation.

    Paul Gibson
    Chief Tactical Writer
    Man Investments

  • The CAIA materials provided by Uppermark were key in my achieving my CAIA Charter. The study materials were very helpful, easy to understand, and provided the information that was required to pass both levels. Between the study books, online class and note cards from Uppermark you cannot be better prepared. I would recommend Uppermark to anybody that is interested in earning the CAIA designation.

    Craig Sullivan, CAIA
    PIA Program Portfolio Advisor
    Global Wealth Management
    Merrill Lynch

  • UpperMark's CAIA review materials & classes are organized like your favorite college professor's finance course curriculum. Detailed outlines of course materials, structured study guides & notes, and the fast paced online & live review classes are thorough and complete. The CAIA Level I TestBank questions & mock exam(s) feature help fine tune your test taking skills & abilities, along with an excellent Final Prep Exam. And don't forget the great flashcard option for ongoing and last minute exam review. As a former CFA grader, I give UpperMark's products & services my highest recommendation.

    Timothy C. Holt, CFA
    Investment Mgmt Consulting Group

  • My experience with Uppermark was very good as I can now put those four letters after my name. What I found most helpful was the TestBank. The CAIA is a calculation intensive test, and there is no substitute for drilling problems on topics like binomial pricing and CPPI. After I had intensively gone through every problem in the TestBank, the actual test was a bit of a breeze.

    I learn better through active means instead of just trying to cram 20 academic papers in my head. The combination of TestBank and the flash cards really drilled in all the concepts. By the time I got to the essays on the second half of the test I already had a good idea what would be asked. I was able to nail this section and secure a pass.

    Duncan Blake-Finley, CAIA
    Financial Analyst
    FFC Capital Management

  • The UpperMark course package is like a set of antibiotics that immunize you against failing the CAIA exams. Use the materials as directed, at the times and dosage recommended, and you will pass the exams. UpperMark can't write the exam for you, but they can give you a set of books and flashcards and practice exams that are more than enough material to prepare for the exam. Do the work they recommend, work hard at it, enjoy passing the course: it's just what the Doctor ordered!

    Associate, an FX bank

  • The study material was comprehensive and covered all the topics adequately. The Testbank was really helpful, particularly in the final push in the last few days before the exams. Uppermark materials helped me succeed in the CAIA exams as I did not read anything else.

    Venki Subramanian, CAIA
    Senior Fund Administrator
    NCB Capital Company

  • I found the UpperMark notes to be extremely concise, which is of particular importance for the time conscious professional. I must emphasize the level of detail of the notes and closeness of the UpperMark question bank to the real exam; combined with hard work, of course, were a significant help in my achievement of the CAIA. The online question bank allows a flexibility of access that allows one to practice whilst on the go and turn downtime into a study session quickly and easily. I have recommended your material without reservation to my colleagues and friends for both Level 1 and 2.

    David Semmens, CFA, FRM, CAIA
    US Economist
    Standard Chartered Bank

  • The UpperMark TestBank Software was an integral tool in helping me pass the pass the CAIA exam for both Level I & II. I am now a CAIA member with UpperMark's help. The thorough practice exam questions allowed me to pin point my weaknesses and shore up my studying in order to pass the exams. In addition, the responsive customer service and professional experts are easily accessible to respond to any questions.

    Luke A. Powell, CAIA
    Managing Partner
    Alan Alternative Group

  • The UpperMark study materials are the perfect resource for success in CAIA exam preparation. For both levels, I solely utilized the UpperMark Platinum suite of products and I couldn't have been more prepared. The online lecture is a perfect way to highlight important details and reinforce concepts and ideas. Client Services is always available to address any needs and concerns and is committed to helping all clients achieve success.

    I would highly recommend using the UpperMark CAIA exam preparation materials.

    Lora Malone, CAIA
    Institutional Sales
    Divine Capital Markets

  • I could not have completed the CAIA program without the detailed study materials provided by Uppermark. From the study handbooks to the TestBank software, both quantitative and qualitative questions were set to extremely difficult ranges, and I would not have preferred it any other way. I would recommend that new candidates to the CAIA program consider Uppermark's products before proceeding with their studies.

    Richard E. Cooksen, CAIA

  • I passed Level 1 and Level 2 CAIA Exams on the first try using Uppermark products.

    For Level 1, I ordered the Uppermark Suite which included the formula sheet, TestBank, and Study Handbooks. I prepared for around 3 months by reading the handbooks, answering the end of chapter questions, and reviewing with the TestBank. After consistently scoring ~80% in the TestBank, I took the exam in March of 2009 and passed with ease.

    For Level 2, I ordered the same Uppermark Suite that I ordered for Level 1. I prepared for around 3 months by reading the handbooks, answering the end of chapter questions, and reviewing with the TestBank. The Level 2 CAIA Exam had much more difficult concepts than the Level 1 Exam did. To get the much needed edge, I added on the Final Review Package which included a 2 day online video review of the entire curriculum. I felt as if I got pulled through the hard topics and it helped solidify some of the expansive equations. One could also ask questions during this review for additional clarification. The PDF notes included with the Final Review Package were especially helpful review material. I was scoring low 80s% in the TestBank. I took the exam in September of 2010 and passed.

    As a current CAIA Charterholder, I would recommend Uppermark's material to anyone looking to study and complete the CAIA Exams without issue.

    Kevin J. Hejna, CAIA
    Teaching Assistant - Finance Department
    University of St. Thomas

  • I used the Uppermark study materials and Testbank for both level I and II, based on the recommendation of my colleagues who also used Uppermark. I found the materials to be organized and comprehensive in explaining each learning objective, and the Testbank enabled me to retain the information and pass the tests. The client services team was also very helpful and courteous in assisting me with any additional help that I needed. I'm very happy I chose Uppermark and now I recommend them to my colleagues as well.

    Moshe Bajnon
    Vice President
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

  • I have used the UpperMark products for both level I and level II CAIA certification. Study handbooks are concise and highlight all important information needed for the exam. Combined with TestBank questions that are very close to exam ones, that proved to be a successful preparation for the exam.

    I would like to thank the client service team who has been very professional, reactive and understanding during my preparation. I highly recommend UpperMark products and services to anyone who is preparing for the CAIA exam.

    Laurie Samaha
    Hedge fund analyst

  • "Which training material should I choose?" - maybe one of the most important questions to answer before starting with CAIA, and we all have the same question: "If I choose this provider, is it the best one in order to learn as fast as possible and successfully pass the exam?" I guess you don't have so much time to waste because you are probably studying, as well as working, and you want to keep your social activities. So like me, you are looking for a very pragmatic and synthetic way to learn in order not to disturb too much your current habits...
    So don't look further and choose UpperMark Suite; don't even read recommended readings and books. Simply because all you need is synthesized here. I took 2 weeks vacation just prior examination day and I studied around 80 hours per level, it is not what was recommended by UpperMark or CAIA but it worked fine for me. First I read chapter one and did the online test, when my score was higher than 90% I passed to the next chapter always including previously wrong answered questions to my next test session. Believe me, it works pretty well and I passed both levels on the first attempt. To conclude, let me tell you that UpperMark Suite was clearly the key to my success and I hope it will be yours as well.

    Thierry Varone
    Wealth Manager
    GP Gestion Private SA

  • My experience with Uppermark has been great. I subscribed to their premium package and the material was precise and to the point. While taking certification exams, it is critical that you focus your attention towards what's important for the exam. And Uppermark has done a great job in presenting all the topics in a thorough and concise manner. I found the Testbank to be spot on with what you can expect on the exam. Given that in CAIA exam you are no longer provided with formulas, I personally felt the laminated formula sheet provided by Uppermark was a great resource which could help you in remembering the formulas. For those of us who have tight work schedules, the online review course is an excellent option either for revising what you have already read or going through the reading material once again or for gaining a better understanding of the concepts you might already be familiar with.

    During the review course, the instructor shares with you some tricks which are helpful while taking the exam. The best part of the online course is you have an instructor like Dr. Pady Jalali who can clarify any of your doubts. This is especially helpful for folks who come from a non-finance background. Through the online course, you can also interact with other test takers and form study groups if you want to. Lastly, the Flashcards serve the purpose of skimming through the chapters while focusing on the key concepts. I would highly recommend Uppermark material for CAIA exam takers. I have subscribed to their Level 2 material for the CAIA exam in Sept 2010.

    Srivatsa Kilambi
    Associate Director, Capital Markets Research

  • I had incredible success with the UpperMark products. For CAIA Level 1, I was surprised with the similarities between the TestBank and the actual CAIA exam. The quality of the products is impressive, but the service is even more incredible. Initially, due to compatibility issues with my Mac and the TestBank, I had problems taking the practice exams. However, Client Services was able to solve my problems within 30 min. of sending an email to them - even over weekends.

    I will be using UpperMark for CAIA Level 2 to boost my confidence and to increase my chances of passing.

    Raymond Kinjo
    MBA Student

  • I worked with the Study Handbooks and the TestBank Software for both levels of the CAIA exam. Furthermore I used the Online Course option and worked with the summarized slides you provided. The handbooks are structured in a clear and comprehensive way, focusing on the LOS provided by the CAIA Association. My approach was to first read the primary readings and then work with the handbook to get an idea where to focus.

    In my experience, the most valuable product was the TestBank Software: It contains a broad variety of questions - covering all the materials; it is updated regularly over the internet, and you are able to generate an exam-like environment with mock exams and timed sessions. This was maybe the key for me in passing both exams in the first round. Without TestBank I would have been surprised on the level of detail and the complexity of the multiple choice section of the exam.

    The value of your products - in my opinion - was in the comprehension process of the curriculum and getting used to the structure and format of the standardized, computer-based exam environment which was completely new for me.

    Timo Gruber
    Portfolio Manager
    LLB Asset Management AG

  • Uppermark Study Handbooks: I purchased the CAIA books but relied entirely on the Uppermark materials - full stop.

    TestBank: Pleasantly surprised to find that questions in Testbank had similar look and feel to questions on actual exam. Provided more original questions than I could cover before taking actual exam, despite studying 200+ hours. Great software that allows user to create custom layout of questions (by chapter, type), answer (correct, incorrect, both) that can then be printed out and studied when away from computer. Allows user to quickly identify and focus on weak areas.

    Review Course: A wonderful aid, particulary for the less organized.

    Flashcards: Good for the commute to work and for those sections that gave me trouble and needed extra time. They organize and layout the LOs very well since they do away with some of the connecting filler found in Study Handbooks.

    Other: In the finals days before the exam, I had a number of last-minute questions that I was unable to answer on my own. I sent my questions to Uppermark and received thoughtful answers to each within hours of my sending them. Getting those last-minute questions answered probably did more in terms of boosting my confidence than it did preparing me with knowledge I needed on the test, but it was still a big part of my success.

    Team Uppermark: Thank you for your hard work, dedication and for making it clear from start to finish that you cared about my success. Earning the CAIA designation was a great challenge and your partnership throughout the process made it one that I will look back on fondly. I'm glad to have my weekends back but will miss working with a great partner.

    Best of luck to you and your future clients.

    Alan "Butch Andreini" Andreini, CAIA
    Armored Wolf, LLC
    Results: Passed Level 1 and Level 2 on first attempt

  • Like many candidates, choosing a comprehensive study package is always a troubling issue. I am most glad that I can stand by my decision to purchase from Uppermark and now looking forward to my Level II Suite. The Handbooks provided were concise with all the main point highlighted for easy reference. The material was also organized in such that they followed the learning objectives closely, which is all is needed for one to pass the exam. Most importantly, the testbank mimics the real exam and updates are always constantly available for candidates.

    Hence, I would like to recommend it to all candidates. I would also like to extend my gratitude to UpperMark for giving me such a pleasant experience and the excellence support I am getting from the Client Services. Thank you!

    Keith Hwam
    Commodities Trader

  • Uppermark - a trifector...
    1. Concise Notes
    2. Question Bank - heaps of practice of concepts and knowledge
    3. Webinars supplied the pearls.....the realisation that I could use one question for the future value/current spot concept (ie just put the irrelevant factors to zero)... Blindingly logical, but so much easier to remember and understand the relationship of the factors.

    I won't be attempting Level 2 without Uppermark.

    L Roberts

  • I am more than impressed with the effort spent by Uppermark to synthesize the massive amount of material in both Levels I and II into a "user-friendly" format, be-it in the form of the chapter review books, the flash-cards or the incredibly thorough and well formatted "TestBank". The information presented in all facets just mentioned is clearly and logically presented and offers a candidate the opportunity to highlight the areas of emphasis in a "Cliff's Notes" type format, which is readily transportable to the CAIA reference texts. The methodology that Uppermark uses offers a candidate not just the written materials, but incredibly well organized conference calls with industry practitioners who develop the concepts and make them less "academic" and more "real world". Whenever I needed further clarification, every single Uppermark professional was more than willing to accommodate my queries, no matter how rudimentary. Pady was seemingly always available for that final clarity, which I greatly needed and very much appreciated!

    I know from talking with colleagues who solely self-studied or used other preparatory services for the CAIA exams, there is no comparison between their study experience and my level of understanding and application ability as a result of Uppermark's materials. Clearly, Uppermark is leagues beyond its industry peers! As evidence, I offer the Test Bank that Uppermark offers its clients. Superb! Colleagues of mine who saw the multitude of questions, the answer format and proxy examinations, were jealous to say the least! Their services offered only a "1.0" version, whereas Uppermark is at a "6.0!"

    Make no mistake, both levels of the CAIA exam are incredibly challenging. Endeavoring the examinations without some expert guidance is foolhardy. Uppermark was a phenomenal choice and I would strongly recommend that anyone who is serious about earning the Charter utilize Uppermark's services.

    Matthew R.
    Private Banking and Advisory Services
      to Corporate Executives and Affluent Families

  • Uppermark books and CDs were very useful for preparing my exam. It saves you a lot of time. And when I had a problem with expiration date of the CDs due to a change on examination dates, they were understanding, flexible, and quick to extended it. Good experience.

    Jose Maria Amusategui
    Founding Partner, Cygnus Asset Management.

  • I found the UpperMark Review Materials for the CAIA Level I Exam to be very comprehensive and extremely well organized. It was very focused in its content, which saved me a significant amount of time and helped me to be better prepared for the exam. It sometimes went beyond the topic material to provide added insight and perspective. The exam is very formula intensive so the laminated formula sheet was an added bonus as it served as a quick and easy study/reference tool well organized by topic. I discovered that other vendors did not offer this essential study tool. I was extremely impressed by the customer service and follow-up from UpperMark. The feedback they solicited from me showed a genuine concern about how the product met my needs and what improvements can be made. I will definitely purchase their Level II Review Materials.

    Dean A. Austin, CFA
    PPS Atlanta - Vice President/Portfolio Manager
    Bank of America Private Advisory Services

  • The UpperMark CAIA study package was concise and convenient to maximize my available study time. The reading summaries and questions covered comprehensively the learning objectives set forth in the program. The FormulaSheet was handy, to quickly review many formulas. I would recommend the package for anyone and especially for those seasoned professionals, who adhere to long work weeks. In summary, the exam covered spot on those topics covered in the study package and I was well prepared for the exam, thanks!

    Scott M., FRM
    Derivatives Trader
    First Quadrant, L.P.
    Pasadena , CA

  • I found the UpperMark CAIA preparation resources to be superior to those offered by other companies. The live preparation course, in particular, proved to be invaluable in preparing for a successful Level I effort. Highly recommended!

    Neil Dorrel
    Sales Director, Western Division and International Markets
    Alternative Investments

  • I purchased the UpperMark Study Handbooks including the Formula Sheet, used the TestBank, and attended the review courses for both Level I and Level II for the CAIA exam. After reviewing the material recommended by the CAIA it was clear to me that I needed a way to drill down to the most relevant material and spend less time sifting through large volumes of material to prepare for the exam. The UpperMark Handbooks presented the solution for me. The Handbooks provided concise reading materials with laser like focus on all of the learning objectives. The TestBank was an invaluable tool for practicing, building confidence, and reviewing material for the exam.

    Having been a professor at the Graduate Business School at Columbia University, I have learned to appreciate quality instruction. The review classes were excellent and presented in a clear and organized way. The instructors were knowledgeable and they focused on and explained the most important learning objectives necessary to understand and to pass the exam. Customer service and follow-up was friendly and prompt. I was able to email questions I had and get rapid responses and if necessary talk on the phone to discuss questions right up to the day before the exam.

    I have recommended UpperMark to my friends and strongly recommend it for anyone who is preparing for Level I or II of the CAIA exam.

    Frank A. Shepard
    Chart Capital Partners
    75 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, New York

  • I wanted to let you know that I passed the Level I CAIA exam. Thanks for providing a product that focused my attention to the relevant material on the exam. I rarely opened the Level I readings. The use of shading, bold and italics text makes finding the relevant material very easy for the reader. I found the sample exam questions and explanations very helpful in measuring my progress. I found the UpperMark study guides superior to similar products I purchased. I've recommended this product to all of my colleagues taking the exam. I look forward to purchasing the Level II materials. Thanks again.

    Daniel Burpee
    Managing Director
    Alta Family Office Services LLC
    Arlington , VA

  • UpperMark's Study Handbooks are everything a CAIA candidate could ask far. They offer clear, concise explanations of the learning objectives with key examples. Their product is by far the best when compared with other providers. Along with a top notch product, the customer service is also excellent, updating me with any changes since the study guide was produced. I would highly recommend anyone preparing for the CAIA exam to look at UpperMark.

    Nicholas Lim

  • My CAIA experience was greatly enhanced by the use of all the UpperMark products. I was enrolled to sit the exam last summer, but found the time commitment overbearing, even relying on software from a competitor. With the UpperMark Study Handbook and Formula Sheet, my studies were not only greatly simplified, but in fact they made the process much more enjoyable. The materials allowed me to focus on the most relevant material, wasting less time trying to sort through the bulk of it and giving me better opportunity to understand the more complex material in detail.

    The quantitative review course was, in my view, the single most important contributor to my passing the exam. It greatly built my confidence around the calculations needed, allowing me to focus on the formulae that mattered and simplifying greatly my approach. The course was comprehensive and well organized, even with me sitting through it from London.

    Probably even more important was the very personal follow-through and coaching right up to the day of my exam was absolutely priceless!

    Adrian Valenzuela
    London, UK

  • I purchased two study guides in preparation for the exam, one from UpperMark and one from another vendor. I found the UpperMark review materials to be the most helpful study aid for CAIA Level I exam. The study handbooks identified the most important learning objectives and explained them concisely and clearly. Equally important, they also provided examples of the concept along side the objective as well as sample problems at the end of each chapter. The formula sheet compiled the many formulas listed throughout the material into an easy reference guide grouped by topic.

    I attended the quantitative review course and found it to be an well organized with clear easy to follow examples (provided in a handout) of the various types of quantitative problems we would be expected to work through on the exam. The instructor was well versed in the material and capable of breaking down complex problems into simple steps. I also had follow-up questions after the session that were answered promptly via email.

    All in all, the UpperMark materials gave me the best preparation I could have had for the exam.

    Laura Garner

  • I took the quant review course with Pady in January. The class also included the FormulaSheet. Awash in a sea of Greek letters, she was able to provide clarity to virtually all of the computational aspects of the Level I exam. As a teacher she was great because there were a variety of levels of understanding and preparation among the participants. She was able to communicate the concepts not just from a mathematical perspective but from an investment perspective. This, to me, is the key to mastering the materials. The printed materials and FormulaSheet were very usable as free-standing pieces. I highly recommend UpperMark to Level I and Level II candidates.

    David Crosby

  • I attended the quantitative review course and relied on the FormulaSheet as a primary source in my preparation for the CAIA Level I exam. The review session refreshed concepts that I haven't used regularly. The practice problem approach and the instruction on uses of financial calculators was particularly helpful. The FormulaSheet provided every formula used on the exam and examples of their use. Overall, I found the materials to be thorough but concise, which is important given the volume of reading recommended by the organization offering the exam. Thanks again for all the help . I will recommend you to anyone I know taking the exam.

    Lance D. Larsen
    ING Investment Management
    New York , NY

  • UpperMark was extremely helpful. The review course, study materials, and formula sheet were well organized and saved me a lot of time and effort in my preparation. Pady has a strong command of the material and gave me some good suggestions on how to learn the numerous formulas and concepts that are tested. The study materials present each learning objective in an informative but succinct manner. I plan on attending the UpperMark review course for my level II test preparation.

    Van Shell

  • The UpperMark Study Handbook provided comprehensive solutions to the Learning Objectives set forth in the CAIA Study Guide and followed the reading assignments accordingly. It was a great addition to my preparation and a large contribution to my passing the Level II exam. I would recommend using the Hand Book to anyone looking for additional guidance in their studying.

    Copeland Filoon, CAIA

  • I feel your course gave me a solid prep for the quantitative section of the CAIA Level 1. There was a lot of material (and formulas) to cover, and your course was presented in a very organized format that made the material easy to comprehend and retain. The questions were tough and made you really think about the topics and understand how to apply them. I also really appreciated you being available after the review class to review and address any additional questions. The one-on-one really made a difference. Now that I have passed Level 1, I certainly will be using your materials and review classes for Level 2. Thanks for all of your help.

    Ty Henderson
    Regional Vice President
    United Development Funding

  • The Uppermark Study Guide proved to be a valuable resource for studying for the CAIA Level I exam. The critical learning objectives are clearly presented and the question samples are particularly helpful for the exam. I will certainly use Uppermark for my Level II preparation.

    Joseph C. Simpson, CFA
    Gresham Partners, LLC
    Chicago , IL

  • Your course helped me understand all the concepts required to pass the Level 1 exam. It was well structured and taught very well. The provided notes were more than enough as a source of review material for the CAIA Level 1 exam.

    Daniel Tai
    RBC Capital Markets Corporation
    New York, NY

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