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"The review course was, in my view, the single most important contributor to my passing the exam."



CAIA. Get the Facts.

The industry-wide standing of the CAIA designation is growing by the day. Companies are requiring the CAIA designation as an alternative to the CFA or an MBA. Now is the time to attain this distinguished designation!

This exclusive UpperMark webinar details the specifics of the CAIA exam, providing all you need to know to begin your preparation.
  What's new in the curriculum.
  Overview of CAIA Exam details.
  Valuable tips and strategies for succeeding on the exam.
  And much more ...

Updated Webinar Coming Soon!
Hosted by:
Padideh Jalali, Ph.D., CAIA.

Dr. Jalali is an award-winning educator and a standing expert in alternative investments. She also has a deep and unique knowledge of the CAIA exam. Her expertise and experience make her the go-to person for this specialized exam.

  • The only educator to have worked with the CAIA exam from its inception.
  • Unique insight into the intricacies of the CAIA exam and its evolution.
  • Directs the development of all CAIA exam materials.

Dr. Jalali is delighted to share her insight with you.

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