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Printed Flashcards

  • What material is provided on the Flashcards?
    The front of each card contains a learning objective (LO) statement from the CAIA curriculum and the back of the card explains the LO. There is room to add your personal notes at the front of the card to reinforce learning.
  • How are the Flashcards organized?
    Our printed Flashcards are color-coded by Topic/Part and come in a handy storage box. Each printed Flashcard has a punch hole in one corner. Metal ring card-holders are provided so you can group the cards and easily travel with them.
  • What do the Flashcards offer that the Study Handbooks do not?
    The Flashcards provide a highly focused summary of the material in the Study Handbooks. A key benefit of the Flashcards is that they provide a quick and easy way of reviewing and memorizing key points and concepts. Also, they are compact enough to carry with you so you can study almost anywhere.
  • Do the Flashcards contain formulas and examples?
    Yes, formulas are provided and, where appropriate, examples of calculations are presented.
  • How many Flashcards are there?
    There is at least one Flashcard per learning objective statement. Currently there are approximately:
    390 Level I Flashcards,
    520 Level II Flashcards.

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