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  • What material does the Online Course cover?
    The course covers the entire CAIA curriculum material, presenting clear and succinct summaries of the Topics in the curriculum, emphasizing key concepts and objectives. It focuses on both computational and non-computational components of CAIA material and works through detailed examples of learning objectives involving calculations. The instructor analyzes, explains, & relates formulas to make applying them easier. The use of standard financial calculators is also reviewed during the course.
  • Who teaches the Online Course?
    Our Online Course is taught by Dr. Pady Jalali and other experienced faculty members. Our faculty has the longest history of training candidates to succeed on the CAIA exams. They not only know the CAIA curriculum material, but they also know the CAIA exam. As a result, the course provides in-depth coverage of the material as well as invaluable strategies and tips for succeeding on the exam.
  • Are lecture notes provided with the Course?
    Yes, the lecture notes used by the instructor are provided as handouts and are available to be printed prior to each session.
  • How many weekly sessions are there and how long is each session?
    Level I: There are a total of 10 3.5-hour sessions: nine sessions cover the CAIA curriculum and one session is dedicated to a Final Review of the material.
    Level II: There are a total of 11 sessions: nine 3.5-hour sessions cover the CAIA curriculum and two 4-hour sessions are dedicated to a Final Review of the material.

    The schedule is designed to allow you time to gradually work through the CAIA curriculum and also have time before your exam to review the material and practice enough sample questions.
  • What happens if I miss a scheduled session?
    Each session is recorded and archived and may be viewed again at any time up until the end of the current CAIA exam period. This option is also extremely convenient for those who cannot attend the live sessions.
  • What happens if I don't understand something or have a question during the class?
    Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the class. Questions may be submitted through the Q&A box on the Online Course page or verbally via your computer's microphone. The instructor addresses questions as they are received, so you can get clarification as the course proceeds.
  • Am I able to interact with the instructor during the class?
    Our courses are designed to be interactive. The instructor encourages attendees to ask questions and provide feedback, and responds to all questions, as appropriate.
  • How will I access the Online Course?
    Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email with simple instructions on how to access the Online Course.
  • Do I need any specific software on my computer to be able to attend / view the Online Course?
    Java is required to access the Online Course. Java is generally already installed on most computers, and, if not, can be easily downloaded free of charge.
  • Is there customer support available during the Course in case I need technical assistance?
    Yes, our support staff is on hand to answer phones and monitor the Q&A box during each session.

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