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  • What are the Practice Exams in the TestBank software?
    These are customized exams generated based on your specifications. For instance, you can have TestBank generate a 100-question exam on all Topics in the curriculum or a 30-question exam on just one Chapter or learning objective.

    We recommend that clients first study a Chapter from the Study Handbook, practice the questions at the end of that Chapter, and then go to TestBank and create an exam on all available questions in that Chapter.
  • What are the Mock Exams in TestBank?
    There are exams created based on the CAIA weightings. They can be taken as timed exams, and even include an optional 30-minute break after the first exam session - just like the actual exam!

    We recommend that clients take several Mock Exams near the end of their study plan, before they take the Final Prep Exam 1-2 weeks before their exam date.
  • How many Mock Exams are in TestBank?
    There are an unlimited number of Mock Exams to be taken. Mock Exam questions are taken from the entire bank of questions, first using questions you have not seen in previous exams.
  • How many questions are in TestBank?
    Level I: There are about 1,900 multiple-choice questions.
    Level II: There are about 1,900 questions: about 1,100 multiple-choice and over 600 constructed-response questions.

    Also, we periodically add questions to TestBank.
  • If I buy the Desktop version, can I access new questions added to TestBank?
    Yes. Each time TestBank is updated, any new questions will be incorporated into the TestBank on your desktop. The same goes for any new features added to the application.

    TestBank Web also incorporates any new questions.
  • Can I print questions from TestBank?
    Yes, TestBank has extensive print options. You can print individual questions, entire exams, only questions, questions with answers and explanations, a bubble sheet to enter your response choices, and much more.
  • Does the Level II TestBank include constructed-response questions?
    Yes, Level II TestBank includes constructed-response questions with guideline answers.

    UpperMark TestBank is the only application in the market that has a constructed-response feature! - essential to prepare for the Level II exam.
  • Can I review my exams in TestBank?
    Yes, TestBank saves your old exams so you can review the questions and answers.
  • What are the differences among the Desktop and Web versions of TestBank?
    TestBank Desktop is installed on a PC desktop and is compatible with a Windows environment.

    TestBank Web is accessed via the Internet and is compatible with a Windows environment, MACs, and iPads. Access to TestBank Web is available immediately after you have completed your purchase.

    Access to TestBank Web is available immediately after you have completed your purchase. All versions of TestBank have the same features and access the same bank of questions.
  • Can I install TestBank Desktop on more than one computer?
    Yes: the license agreement permits your personal use of TestBank Desktop on two computers - so you can use it both at home and at work, or at work and on your laptop - whatever best meets your needs.
  • Can I use TestBank after this exam period?
    TestBank expires and ceases to operate or be available at the end of each exam period. Therefore, it is only accessible during the current exam period. If you wish to purchase TestBank now to use for the next exam period, please contact us at info@uppermark.com.

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