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"Your course helped me understand all the concepts required to pass the Level 1 exam. It was well structured and taught very well. The provided notes were more than enough as a source of review material for the CAIA Level 1 exam."

Daniel Tai
RBC Capital Markets Corporation.




UpperMark courses are known to enhance individual study efforts significantly. Taught by award-winning educators and content experts, our web-based courses provide clear instruction to boost comprehension and speed up the learning process. Instructors also provide valuable exam-taking tips to give candidates a competitive advantage.

Select from two options -

  • Complete Course - Structured coverage of all Topics in the curriculum and essential faculty access.
  • Course by Topic - Select courses on specific CAIA exam Topics.

Complete Course # of Lectures Length
  • All course sessions for Topics 1-6
  • On-demand course recordings
  • Weekly Faculty Workshops
    Dates/Time: Wednesdays, 2 Dec to 16 Dec,
                          Tuesday 22 Dec,
                          Wednesdays, 6 Jan to 3 Feb
13 28 hours $499

Course by Topic - Select courses based on individual Topics listed below.
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Check out details of our courses below.

Online Courses Instructors System Requirements  

Both course options provide unlimited access to recordings of course sessions from any computer and tablet/iPad until the end of the current CAIA exam period.

  • Complete Course - perfect for professionals who want both flexibility and structure in their study programs. Set your personal study schedule and then work through the curriculum with the instructor-guided program.
  • Course by Topic - perfect for candidates who prefer a self-study approach, but want guidance on specific Topics.

UpperMark courses explain and summarize CAIA exam material, carefully demonstrate calculations, and provide personal guidance for success on the exam. Other essential components of our courses -

  • Thorough instruction of the CAIA exam material.
  • Clear explanations of concepts and formulas.
  • Step-by-step presentations of calculations.
  • Personal guidance from UpperMark's experienced faculty.
  • Exclusive lecture notes for each course session - print lecture notes and annotate them while watching the course. Our lecture notes are an excellent summary of the CAIA material - an ideal study resource.

Start your studies early and study at your own pace!



  • Course: Complete Set (Topics 1-6)
  • Course: Topic 1
  • Course: Topic 2
  • Course: Topic 3
  • Course: Topic 4
  • Course: Topic 5
  • Course: Topic 6
  • Course: Topic 7
  • Course: Topic 8
  • Course: Topic 9

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Platinum Suite

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