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"Thanks for providing a product that focused my attention to the relevant material on the exam. I rarely opened the Level I readings."

Daniel Burpee
Managing Director
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Study Handbooks

UpperMark™ Study Handbooks are the foundation of our Suite study packages. Adhering closely to the CAIA assigned readings, they provide comprehensive coverage of the CAIA material. Our Study Handbooks come with our FormulaSheet - a handy product containing CAIA Level I key equations.

Use the Study Handbooks as part of a Suite for maximum effectiveness: learn from the Handbooks, then sharpen your knowledge using Practice and Mock Exams from our dynamic TestBank software.

Maximize your study time by using both printed Handbooks and e-Handbooks!

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UpperMark Study Handbooks are written clearly and in an easy-to-follow format. This makes understanding easier, increases comprehension, and enables valuable time to be focused on learning.

  • Clear and concise explanations of all the Learning Objective statements in the CAIA Study Guide.
  • Cohesive account of the materials, explaining relationships among key terms.
  • Learning objective statements and key words in italic boldface for easy identification.
  • Careful discussion of important equations and formulas.
  • Detailed examples of mathematical calculations.

In addition, our Study Handbooks include:

  • Practice multiple-choice exam questions, with complete answer keys.
  • Clear keystrokes for calculations performed on CAIA-approved calculators.
  • A primer on the exponential function and how to apply it using a calculator.

The UpperMark Study Handbooks are updated for each exam period to reflect changes in the CAIA exam program. This edition is only valid for the current exam.


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